Tuesday, January 26, 2021


 Yes, it's now 2021. Things have happened. The main thing, to me, is that I was told I am terminally ill. That was about six months ago and I was given maybe a year more to live. Could be less. I'm undergoing chemo for pancreatic cancer. I don't feel too bad most days but that can change in an instant. I try to keep my hopes up. Strange, hope is something you have in abundance if you have nobody limiting your life span. If you don't know when you will die, then anything is possible. And that is the definition of hope - anything is possible.

Well also another thing is that the Writers Circle at the Library has lost two important members. Important to the group in that they were leaders and mentors. The leader of the group, Walt Giersbach, died very recently, and Jack Quinn, prolific writer and mentor, preceded him. Also we had another man die about a year ago. And one of our members has also said he's moving out of state. Who does that leave? A couple of faithful members who show up most all of the time and me.I really hope the group goes on. With the virus, we can't even assemble. I'm hoping that by some miracle I will get the vaccination. But right now things are in what might be termed "a right mess." Oh well.

I am trying to write the third book of my fantasy entitled "Heart of Gold." The previous ones are "Heart of Skydean" and "Heart of Crystal." I decided that it needed the final one to end the story., It has been hard with me sometimes not feeling like sitting at the computer and having trouble with the story. But I'm at 25,000 words. Some authors ' stories seem to flow so effortlessly that you would think they just sat down and the book wrote itself. Now that's a good author! I always think of blood, sweat and tears as the writer's lot. 

This Covid Virus plus the horror of the election last year has been something that I would like to forget. Let History write that story and I hope they get it right! 

One good thing is that since the Library was initially closed down altogether, I put my little Fire device into action and got ebooks from the Library's collection. They are somewhat limited - you can't just get anything at all, but I've got enough books - fiction - for my bedtime reading. It helps calm me down and lets me get to sleep. And I enjoyeed many good books. Mostly mystery. I've read some romances occasionally but pure romance is boring to me. If there's a good story with a romantic twist, that's fine. There are many types of mystery to enjoy, romantic, historical, paranormal, stories set in interesting locations, and so on. Of course my favorites are the old ones. My grandmother was a Victorian, born in 1866 I believe, and my aunt was born in 1900 which is really very Victorian and so Agatha Christie brings them back to me.

Well, it looks like I have to get started on dinner. Wouldn't it be nice to have a cook/housekeeper like in the older stories? No, not gonna happen. Get over it. Not unless we win the Megamillions. Hahahaha.

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