Monday, July 30, 2018

How the Time Flies

It is now July of 2018. A year of strange weather - rain and more rain, cold days, suffocatingly hot days and a few nice days thrown into the mix.

Still getting used to a new place. After so long in one area it is hard to move. I just had the thought the other day that for some people they have a place that they identify as their home. At least, that's what they say, anyway. But maybe for some of us, there are many homes. Not just the four walls of a house or apartment. A place that has been home, that you identify as home. Somehow, there is something about that place that speaks to you and you can feel it, and you know that you are there and if you come back years later, I think you will still feel it. Maybe not the same, because places change and we change.

The place we were born and grew up in, at least that we remember, that is our first home. Then we begin to experience the wider world and we may find that there are places that we discover that awake something in us that might have lain dormant. Who knows why this is? We can wonder. Some might hint at past lives. Others might think we might be more fitted for that particular place. For instance, someone could look at a snowy mountain and want to ski down the slopes. Another might want to go indoors and get warm.

You can spend a short time in a place you fall in love with and remember it always. Or you can come back many times. It doesn't seem to matter. That place is your place.

I hope you find at least one place that gives you that special feeling - the feeling of coming home.

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