Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Day After the Eclipse

No, I didn't have glasses to look at the eclipse. I did go outside to see what effect it might have. We had patchy clouds over the sun so all I saw was that the light looked a tiny bit dimmer but didn't disappear. Not very exciting! In fact, most of the time when there is some special thing happening in the sky, we have total cloud cover. Which is odd, because we do have a lot of clear sky here and it is a dark sky so you can see the stars. I wish I had a telescope, though, as my eyesight is not great. I can usually see the Big Dipper and Orion with the naked eye and at night, all the planes coming in to Newark Airport! Of course they are pretty high up at that point. Once we had an old TV set we got second hand (which had a great picture) - but it had one special quality. We could hear the cockpit transmission from the pilots approaching Newark! Not always but once in a while.

Electronics work better today than in the past (meaning 50's and 60's) but they don't have those quirky features that sometimes were so annoying at the time but are fun to remember now. Sometimes we laughed, sometimes we cried.

I hope to work on another book before the end of the year. I started it a while ago but the protagonist took a trip and it looked like she and I both got lost. Hopefully I will find my way out.

Friday, March 10, 2017

New book!

"Champagne and Cyanide" is now up for sale on Smashwords and also on Amazon for Kindle. The story, which is a cozy mystery, involves Edie Malone in what might be her last job, at least as a reluctant sleuth. This time, Edie's Aunt Rose manages to get involved as her friends are also interested in solving the crime. Edie is not sure that this is a good idea, as the ladies are all over retirement age. However, who is going to stop them? 

I hope, if you get this ebook, you enjoy it. If you do, please leave me a review.


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

It's a Crime...

Well, not a crime, but maybe a pity. I mean that there are times, I suppose, when there is a change in people's habits, such as the present day. I'm thinking of how our generation's parents gave us china, crystal and sterling for wedding gifts. And we used it on special occasions. That's what it was for, to make that occasion stand out. Of course, it was work to take care of it, hand washing and polishing. That was really before dishwashers were installed in every house and so many things became throwaway. So we would have washed the dishes anyway. Now nobody has any desire to hand wash dishes. In fact, if they can use a paper plate and plastic, that would be the choice.

We, in our generation, used paper plates for picnics. I'm talking about the so-called Silent Generation, those born between 1925 and 1945. We were young children in the 1940's (so we remember WWII) and teenagers in the 1950's.(So we remember Korea and the Cold War)  In the early 1960's we were the cool, sophisticated young adults.  By the late 1960's the Baby Boomer generation overshadowed us and we are seldom noticed.

But, explanations aside, there is a great difference between those in the Millenium generation (children of Baby Boomers) and our generation. Since there have been so many changes since then, I'm afraid that although we can understand people younger, they have a hard time or just can't understand us.

I suppose that in part, this is what happens when you age. Your generation starts dying off and you become a caricature! I'm thinking now of all the books that annoy me by picturing a grandmother as having a living room with antimacassars and rocking chairs. That was probably the previous generation. Our generation are grandparents, but we listened to Elvis Presley and Fats Domino and danced to the Peppermint Twist. I suppose Millenials would ask "Who?"