Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Back in the NorthEast

Back to reality, which in our case is the NorthEast USA. Daffodils are up and the grass along with the weeds are all surging up and greening the countryside. Weeds and deer - the twin scourge of my garden. It's more than a garden, it's an acre and three quarters, which is just about impossible to control for someone of my age, I'm afraid. We finally fenced in a tiny area around the patio because if not, anything tasty there (think flowers) would be consumed.

Anyway, seeing the days turn warmer and the air become milder is very pleasant. I even take Toby out for a walk once in a while. Walking a dog now involves trudging along with a load of waste in your free hand - encased in plastic, of course. We just used to let them go wherever which, of course, wasn't good. Toby can't be let off his lead safely when not being walked by his owner, (Kelly) but in spite of that, we enjoy our little walks. He does a lot of stopping, snuffling and scratching. I just breathe in the air.

I'm thinking of what I can write about next. Inspiration doesn't seem to come. Maybe I will take Edie out again and see what she's up to.

It's getting late and I'm sitting here with Inky, who enjoys a good massage when he can get one. It does take away one hand but I can type with the other.

Better turn in.

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