Thursday, February 25, 2016


Well, finally! I am pleased to announce that I am able to release my new novel, "Heart of Crystal." If you have been kind enough to purchase "Heart of Skydean," you will find that this continues with one of the same characters, Zee, who has a special mission to pursue, one that has to do with his identity.

Who am I really? I think that many people wonder about this question at some point in their lives. And I don't necessarily mean that this is someone who has been adopted. Sometimes all is not as we seem and there can be a surprise for those who question the status quo. Whether doing this is a good idea or not is something that this book poses as a question.

So I hope if you read this book, you will enjoy it. If you do, please leave me your positive comments on Smashwords. I will also list the book at Amazon in the near future.

In other news, I have been enjoying a visit to North Florida. I always say North Florida as opposed to just Florida since it is quite a bit different from what comes to mind first, such as Disneyworld, Miami Beach, and a tropical climate. North Florida is tropical, I think, but to a lesser degree. There are sabal palms and other vegetation which someday, I will look up. There are dolphins and this week there has been talk of whale sightings. Sadly, I haven't seen any whales - I might need binoculars. I did hear they have been sighted. At this time of year, they are having baby whales. I wish them well, as much of our sealife is endangered when it crosses the path of humans. There is a turtle rescue site I always visit in Juno Beach. They do wonderful work in helping these animals to recover from injuries and mishaps and let them rejoin their friends in the ocean. They also safeguard the nests on the beach where turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. Florida is a wonderland of American wildlife, a treasure that is well worth preserving.

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