Saturday, January 16, 2016

Stop It!

Now that this election year has begun, I hope people will restrain themselves and keep political comments out of general venues such as Facebook. The thing about Facebook is that not only your close personal friends see your comments, but THEIR friends see them. And, guess what? Your friends may mostly share your political views, but the larger audience may not.
The worst thing about seeing political postings that you don't share is that you know you can't rebut them or even comment with your differing opinion (is that a rebuttal, too?) That might start something. So, you suffer in silence the comments that probably seem very clever to those who think alike, but infuriating to those who think differently.

Better to keep religion and politics out of social media (fat chance.) Actually I don't mind the religious postings very much as everyone needs a blessing once in a while. But to those people who are into political postings, please, give me a break. It seems that very few, if any, persons will even try to check facts or consider anything but their own opinions, so please, spare me. Please!

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