Saturday, January 16, 2016

Stop It!

Now that this election year has begun, I hope people will restrain themselves and keep political comments out of general venues such as Facebook. The thing about Facebook is that not only your close personal friends see your comments, but THEIR friends see them. And, guess what? Your friends may mostly share your political views, but the larger audience may not.
The worst thing about seeing political postings that you don't share is that you know you can't rebut them or even comment with your differing opinion (is that a rebuttal, too?) That might start something. So, you suffer in silence the comments that probably seem very clever to those who think alike, but infuriating to those who think differently.

Better to keep religion and politics out of social media (fat chance.) Actually I don't mind the religious postings very much as everyone needs a blessing once in a while. But to those people who are into political postings, please, give me a break. It seems that very few, if any, persons will even try to check facts or consider anything but their own opinions, so please, spare me. Please!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016, here we come

This is the first time I have spent New Year's in a different state. I must say it seems very odd to see flowers blooming outside while people are ringing in the New Year. North Florida has almost Spring- like weather at this time of year. But with the strange East Coast warmish winter, nothing is normal here either. It was warm and humid, 80 degrees, changing to 50 degree weather and rain.  Although in the North, now, 50 degrees WOULD be Spring. I'm sure it will clear up soon here. The North, I'm not sure about at all.

We are renting a condo. Condo life seems the thing down here for young and old. It is quite nice and comfortable. We had to ask the owner to bring in wifi as the complex predates smartphones and computers. Who can function any more without them? If you don't have them yourself, I will bet that you either know or live with someone who does. Or have to find somewhere to use one.

Anyway, I hope to get some writing done while I'm here. The hard thing for me is finding a block of time to do it. There is so much here and there and running in and out. Not that this means we are actually doing much. We did have to go about trying to find some things to add. A larger garbage can - I'm not one to be able to use a tiny one. Why do I have so much garbage? I have no idea. Next was a new phone charger to replace one left behind in a hotel. Hotels must have a closet full of these things. We need some tray tables as there is no coffee table. I didn't realize how central a coffee table is to a living room, for just setting (isn't it amazing?) a cup of coffee down, a book, a pen and paper, and so on. So maybe the busyness will come to an end and some kind of routine begin.

With the rain we haven't got a chance to set foot on the beach yet, but that is something I'm looking forward to. It's too cold at this time of year to swim, but not too cold to walk.

So we have the hope of better things to come. And isn't that what life is all about?