Thursday, July 23, 2015

Just Thinking...

Just thinking about how the story I am working on seems to be taking forever. I've been busy with other things and sometimes just can't get into it. But I still work on it when I can. It is in the realm of fantasy because there are some elements not seen in our world, and it is a continuation of a previous story. Maybe part of the problem is that the people are young people, rather than characters closer to my age. I sometimes do wonder how our own young people think. Finally, I'm starting to think that I've got to an age where my experiences are so far removed that people born from 1995 on have no way to comprehend the world that I have lived in. My own maternal grandmother was born in the 1860's, and she was around until I was about 8 or so, I think. Of course there were no televisions, cell phones or computers, not for many years. Those are now the framework of our lives, like it or not. I feel that I can understand other people, of various ages, having lived through those ages, but I don't think they could understand me, not having had those experiences. It is a somewhat lonely feeling. Imagine if we all lived to say, 200?  I've never been to a rock concert and I must say, I really have no desire to. I'm sure that it is exhilarating, the pounding music and electricity in the air. However, I would really prefer to sit quietly and listen to music! I love the sound of Rogers and Hammerstein, Cole Porter and many more, who wrote singable, danceable music. But if I would say that, of course, I immediately become too old to understand anything, to understand how awful that music is and how pitiful I am to think anyone could listen to it. I'm sure that this is what young people were saying to their elders through the ages. For some reason, though, I never thought that way, I liked any kind of music. I still don't much care for the way songs were sung in the 1920's - they sounded odd to me. But I understand that maybe the recording technology helped to make them tinny and maybe played them too fast. That, of course was popular music, not classical music. Anyway, this is all to say that trying to get into people's minds is not easy. I have to think about why they think a certain way. What makes something popular, why are some things hated, some things loved? Human nature, you gotta love it.

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