Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Write as Fast as You Can

It's the middle of May and the days are flashing by. It's still colder than usual with a few beautiful and a couple of hot days thrown in.
It occurred to me lately, as I am trying to finish some work, that for a writer, the writing itself is what is important. It fulfills us.
Maybe too many writers get slightly hung up on whether or not they are or ever will be "published."
As though some company somewhere is the measure of your worth. I suppose it tries to be that. But keep in mind, that publishing companies have their own agendas. They are not there to stroke egos - they are there to make money, pure and simple. If there is a topic or trend that is hot, then that is what they want. Of course, they are also looking for good writing. Looking for topics their readers want and will buy, because readers are important people.
So, writer, press on! Go on your way doing the best you can, to the best of your ability. Hone  your craft. Understand how to tell a story that people want to read. This is your job. If at some point, your work gets published, then hooray! Good for you! But don't let the fact of being unpublished throw you or deter you from working.Unless you want to quit. No shame in that, either. Or maybe sometimes, you've said all you are going to say. Fine, good, sayonara! Be happy.
Writing is the thing you love, or have loved. Joy in it. Give it your best.

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