Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Zombies are coming

Well, I mean the Halloween zombies. I think they are having a parade in Flemington and will be appearing in a race before their big event on Oct 31st when they will be going door to door. They do get around for people who are actually dead! Blame it on Michael Jackson who sang that wonderful song about them. We once had that as our music for a Zumba class. I was disappointed that it was only once that that happened. Imitating a zombie walk is quite easy for someone of my age. We usually had salsa type music which, if you have ever tried it, really shakes your booty and other parts.
OK, now we plunge into the pre-holiday race to the end of the year. I am taking on a writing course while (naturally) working on something else fairly intensive. And actually wondering if I can fit in NanoWrimo. I'm not sure what makes me do these kinds of things. I don't think I was always like this. But everybody else these days is multi-tasking like mad so I would feel left out if I didn't at least try to exhaust myself and have a nervous breakdown.
We also usually participate in the Turkey Trot, a local run for charity. We walk, of course, since running is far, far in my past. Not that I ever actually got the chance to run except for one little race at my school, which I won. And that was the end of my racing career. Might as well go out on a big finish.
Do people ever get to sit around anymore and just chill out? I'm not sure. We live in an area where there are many McMansions which have lovely front porches. I've never seen anyone sitting on them. I imagine the people are sitting on planes commuting and sitting in cubicles somewhere afraid to leave early because the boss is still there working late. Such is life today.
Anyway, I'd rather be busy myself rather than doing nothing. So bring it on, Holidays, Zombies, Turkeys and whatnot. I'm getting ready.

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