Friday, July 4, 2014

Summer is here

The first hurricane of the year (at least that made the news) is Arthur and has brought a little rain and a little wind, going out to sea. This weekend is supposed to be very nice, following this. Today is July 4th. Happy Birthday, USA!
I see I haven't posted anything since April. I am working on a continuation of the Skydean story because it seems there is still more to that. I was wondering if I should write a prequel but there were some difficulties to that, once I thought about it. More consideration might provide an answer. I'm not sure how well prequels work, anyway. I don't think the Star Wars ones were any way as good as the original, not that I'm comparing myself to them! Once time goes by, as it did in that case, things change. The audience changes, too.
I'm very aware of the changes that time bring right now. That's what happens when you get older, I suppose. I now see new generations discovering the same things, making the same mistakes, and hoping the same hopes. Learning the same old things that the previous generation spent years learning. Too bad we can't know these things earlier. If we closely studied history, maybe. But I digress and am getting farther from the point. If I have any point!
For me, wondering what to write about is a big deal. I understand that some people have hundreds of ideas swirling in their brains and they just need the time to put them all down on paper. How I envy them! But there must be lots of us who just slog along and hope to get somewhere some day. I think the slogging is the important part, really.I am not going to get anywhere by studying the dust on my computer keys, am I?
There was a saying during WWII - a song, I think, that the singer was coming home "On a Wing and a Prayer." That sort of describes writing.

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