Wednesday, March 5, 2014

An Oldie but Goodie

We are currently renting the DVDs of "Smallville" and enjoying them. I didn't know much about the plot other than that it had something to do with Superman, which really seemed a little odd to me. But when we started watching it I was impressed with the writers' ability to take something which had been done over and over and make it seem fresh and new. And really, that is what good writing is all about. Maybe that is part of the reason that the series had a long run.
In this story, it is all about Superman as a boy before he becomes the well-known Man of Steel. I think it is a lot of fun because the viewers are in on the secret but few others in the story are. When he uses his growing super powers, he tries to keep it a secret but as the story goes on, this is naturally becoming more difficult. Some of the well-known characters are changed in various ways but this doesn't seem to matter somehow. It's a classic that you can enjoy just because it is timeless. The Superhero must be a character that goes back to our beginnings. And somehow, there seems to be a little of the appeal of "Back to the Future" in this show. It combines sci fi somehow with a downhome background. Just fun to watch.
I wish there were more movies and shows that were just fun and creative rather than anything else. But then I also wish to win the lottery. I can dream, can't I?

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