Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sailing, I'm sailing

Soon, I should be heading South towards the Caribbean, on quite a large ship. I'd really like it to be smaller, but the options were limited. I feel by turns apprehensive and excited. I  usually feel like this when leaving home. I'm looking forward to something new, and yet leaving our home and pets isn't easy. Maybe it's just that doing something new and moving out of my comfort zone isn't a thing I do easily. I like new things but the unknown then plays a part. Probably this goes with having an imagination. One of the books I wrote was inspired by a cruise some years ago. Things do happen on cruise ships and things happen TO cruise ships. It's not that I am unused to ships. I travelled across the Atlantic back and forth from Ireland to the US three times. Not in recent years, though. If I get back to Ireland now, I'll probably have to fly, which is a whole other thing. Anyway, it will be good to go somewhere else. If you write, you really need to get out and about and the older you are the fewer options you might have. Of course, that being said, some older people never stop travelling! If you have the money, why not? It's good to go somewhere else even if you just go to another town. It seems to jog you out of your routine and it seems to me, that's what  you need if you want to write. Another perspective, maybe. Come to think of it, it might be good for anybody to get out of their rut.

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