Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Is that a gun I see in your purse?

Now it is the middle of November. The year 2013 is slipping away. One thing I did this year is sign up for an "Adult Police Academy" being offered by one of our local police departments. It turned out to be a worthwhile activity. The version of this that I have wanted to do for some time is the "Writer's Police Academy" but it is held in North Carolina and there is a cost to stay there and so on. This local one was for a general audience and cost nothing. We had about five two hour sessions, a different topic every week. It was really quite interesting and I tried to memorize the things that stood out to me, such as the importance of solid  evidence in getting a conviction. The rise of the prescription drug as a drug of choice especially with the young. One session on drunk driving convinced me I would never be able to walk a line. Fortunately, I don't plan on drinking and driving. We finished up at a firing range where we watched various scenarios on a large screen and were able to fire (lasers) at whoever we chose. Some of the scenarios made us realize that sometimes there is no good choice.
The instructors were local cops, drill sergeant (the firing range), a DEA agent, and so on. I could recommend this to anyone as an educational experience. This one hasn't been held every year so I took advantage of it when I saw it mentioned in the newspaper. They could only take a maximum of twenty-five people due to space limitations.

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