Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Capturing the Muse

Sometimes the Muse seems like a firefly - I see the winking lights of inspiration, but try to get hold of it. It flits merrily away. I heard that F2K was starting up again and made sure to grab hold of my firefly this time. F2K is a writing workshop I've taken before, a couple of years ago. It is given free of charge by the online group, Writers Village University.  A word about Writers Village: Writers Village is a unique place. It has many ongoing writing courses which are included in the membership, should you choose to join. Mostly, the courses are intended for people who can work independently and provide feedback to each other. There is no "teacher" unless you sign up for a mentor. F2K is a lot of fun, lasting for several weeks and if you have taken it before, taking it again helps give you a boost in your writing skills and enthusiasm. For some reason, I found myself composing a fantasy. Don't know why - I've never gone in that direction before, but I'm enjoying it.
I also jumped into a course being held simultaneously, about research, and this one is mentored by a writer who has just had a book published and is apparently doing very well with it. I find myself researching things I never even dreamed of before. Such is the writing life, in turns exhilarating and depressing! Which is when things work and when they don't. So far, so good!

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