Sunday, May 19, 2013

Everything changes

Well, the date is now May 19th and the weather is still cooler than normal - whatever normal is now. I used to think, when I was young, that Winter was cold and snowy, Spring fresh and wonderful, Summer warm and wonderful, Fall crisp and exhilarating and that was the way it was. Actually, at that time, it pretty much was that way. But of course, I was too young to have experienced change in all its forms, or to know that nothing ever stays the same. That's why it is so nice to be young and just accept your world as it is. No regrets for lost days of yore, and sadness for what will never be. What a waste of time that is! Anyway, getting older should make you realize that you'd better make the most of all you have. The train is speeding up but there's still a few stations to go. How did I get into a train metaphor? Must have slipped back into that past for a tick. When I think of trains I remember the one we used to take from Belfast to Donaghadee and I can smell the coke smoke which drifted back into the open windows from the puffing engine. Coke, in case you don't know, is a form of coal.
Anyway, the grass is very green from the cool weather and occasional rain. The flowers seem to be doing OK so far. The flowering trees also liked this weather. The magnolia managed to bloom without getting hit with a killing frost and therefore looked very good. Magnolia trees are living around here but would be better just a little farther South. Speaking of the South, we are watching John Jakes "North and South" on DVD. It is a marvellous epic spectacle and a great way to brush up on history. If I had a student who was supposed to read about the Civil War I would certainly tell him or her to watch this. Of course, it is a romantic story also, but it gives insight into how Americans were pitted against each other, often families who were related. I never had any instruction on the Civil War in school that I can remember,  and of course, arriving in the United States in 1947, I had no ancestors involved in it. All I can recall is the cotton gin, which I never really understood totally. My American schooling started pretty much in middle school. Before that I was supposed to remember which countries were pink on the World Map, and were part of the British Empire. As I say, everything changes.

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  1. Boy, does it ever. I keep telling myself "Change is Good!" I'd love to see more blog posts about your memories of growing up in Belfast.