Monday, April 15, 2013


Spring has once again arrived in New Jersey, more or less. It has been a cold Spring and it is now April 15th and the daffodils are really just out in force. Although nothing much seems to stop the daffodils - they come up through the snow if they have to. Such a beautiful flower with a wonderful scent, and with such strength, like some people. I read about the tribulations that some individuals have sometimes, and they would be enough to stop or slow down the average person, but these people are NOT average - they go above and beyond their own infirmities and obstacles - they rise above. I just read about a young man like this who co-founded an organization in New Brunswick called R.I.S.E.N. They want to help and mentor youth who are at risk and it comes from their own challenges in life. We should be thankful for them.
I always marvel at the daffodils when they appear. They seem more like wildflowers than true garden flowers, something very special and beautiful, a gift after the darkness of winter.I'm thankful for them, too.

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  1. I love Daffodils, too. They always make me think of Evan, since they were just starting to bloom when he was born.