Monday, March 4, 2013

La Florida

Beautiful Florida. How lucky we are to have a state like this in the USA. Housing is varied, from reasonable to multimillions. But everyone has access to gorgeous free beaches, waterways, lakes by the hundreds, and everywhere there is the beauty of flowers and palms and tropical plants. Leaving Disneyworld out of it, there is plenty to keep anyone busy. And the climate (leaving aside hurricanes and natural things no one can do much about) is very good. Winter is kind down here. Summer, not so much, but many people prefer it to the North anyway. It is a good state for older people and of course that makes it a cliche that is the butt of jokes and sneering comments. I say, let them sneer! I will be sitting on a lanai with my glass of wine, with the swaying palms and pines in view. Right now, just temporarily, but who knows, maybe much longer in future.


  1. I see you've caught Florida Fever! It is inevitable, there is just something about that state that keeps drawing you back. I'll join you on the lanai one of these days, so save a glass for me . . .

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