Monday, February 4, 2013

Winter in the Northeast

Well, I guess we are in the Northeast in New Jersey. We  just miss being in the MidAtlantic and we are not far enough North to be in New England. Our weather is fairly good although we are not immune to storms. Being in the West of the State, we don't usually get any of the coastal storms, unless they veer Westward. So it could be worse.
I was thinking the other day about personality and how that must factor into any work of fiction. I suppose another word for that is character, when it comes to writing, anyway. If a writer can capture that, it makes for a fascinating read. I think that is what makes Britcoms so interesting. They always feature the little quirks that make you laugh and recognize in people you know yourself.
Then there are the fatal flaws. Once you observe that a character has a fatal flaw you are waiting for them to come to a bad end.....or will they? Suspense! It's easy for me to talk about this but actually creating a work of fiction in which people come to life is not easy at all. But we can hope.
Somewhere Inspiration is lurking, ready to strike!

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