Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Something old, something new

In keeping with my idea to get something done this year, I have been working on a new mystery, to appear soon on Smashwords. This was started during Nanowrimo. I also keep looking at the closets but I'm aware that I'll have to do more with them than look at them.
I've had a Spanish course on CD which I transferred into the car, and occasionally play. It is a somewhat limited course. So far, I can go to a hotel in some Spanish speaking country  and talk about beer. I can ask someone if it costs six or seven pesos and I can also ask someone else if they want any. This CD was apparently designed for a traveller who wants to have a little drink when they arrive. As long as it is beer. Actually, I studied Spanish in college (very long ago,) but of course, seeing the words in a book and being able to converse in them are two different things. I thought this activity would be something I could do this year. I don't know how much farther this CD will take me, however, but it is interesting.

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