Monday, January 21, 2013

Martin Luther, you were a great man

I remember when Martin Luther King was leading peace marches in the South. That was in the days when it was hazardous to do this. There was not only prejudice in the South, but actual rules that excluded anyone of color from certain things. It is hard to imagine now that there were separate facilities for whites and "coloreds" such as toilets and places to sit on the bus. Yet Martin Luther was not bitter, violent, sarcastic, snarky, superior or any of the negative things that divide people. No, what I remember about him is the love that he exuded. He had a dream and that dream was of a world where people accepted others no matter what differences they had. In that world, those who were disadvantaged did not want to "get back at" the people who had wronged them. If we are divided in that way, how can we come together? No, Martin Luther King rose above that kind of thinking and that is why I salute him. I wish there were more like him, and actually, I believe there are many out there. We just don't hear about them. The media today would prefer to feature the sensational and so often the sensational is negative. So today is Martin Luther's day, the day we celebrate a truly great man.

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