Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Last night I made it to midnight. That and watching TV was the sum of my achievements. Today, New Year's Day 2013 is gloomy but we are not going anywhere anyway. Art has a cold that won't go away.We watched the Rose Parade this morning, lying on the bed (the bedroom has the largest TV.) I love to see the horses and riders in the parade. They seem to me authentic representations of the Old West. Also there are other horses and riders that you would be unlikely to see anywhere else. At least on TV. I made yogurt muffins from a recipe.  I still haven't found a really great recipe for these. Mine were OK but not exactly what I wanted. It seems all we have done since Hurricane Sandy is eat. We haven't really got back into our exercise groove. But that has to change and change soon. The doctor wasn't happy at my last visit as my AIC number went up, not down. I had gained five pounds. So hard times are a-comin, sweet tooth.
I also worked a little on my next mystery. I need to work on it a lot. Find the time somehow. It was frustrating to find that after I no longer went out at 8:30 to work and returned around 5:00, and had "the whole day to myself" (a fallacy) well, I actually seemed to have less time to work on anything, or at least no more time than I had before. So I've got to overcome that problem this year.
Other resolutions: Clear out closets and other areas where things are stored that are no longer of any use to anyone.  Paint the second bedroom. Do some long-range planning. Think big. That's enough for now.

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  1. Happy new year! I hope all your writing and other dreams come true this year. Yay for thinking big and long-range planning. And while I'm at it, thank you for being instilling in me my love of books, reading, writing and all things creative. I'm glad that our writing is something we can share and, hopefully, it will rub off on the next generation too.