Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Pain in the.....

When I reached the age of about seven, I think, I made my first acquaintance with the migraine. This then became my (almost) lifelong companion. Those blinding headaches would occur regularly, and I never knew exactly when one would strike.
Different people have different versions of the migraine. Some people have more severe and/or more frequent ones. But most are somewhat similar. A faint throb in the temples which gets worse and more insistent until your whole head is a field of pain. Light hurts your eyes. You lie down somewhere quiet, take aspirin and wait for it to go away. When I was a child, I would get the severe pain of a headache which made me nauseous. After I had thrown up and lain down for a while and slept, the headache had done its worst.
But on into maturity, then the headache became a three day endurance test. Taking aspirins, putting cloths on the head, trying to sleep and waking up worse, on and on the pain would go until when I was exhausted, it would start to fade away. Having headaches like this makes you a different person, one who tries to avoid stressful situations which might trigger a headache. Because once started the headache will run its course. You may as well forget about any profession that is high stress because you will pay for it. A calm lifestyle with good food at regular intervals is what you need. Then, after menopause, one good thing seemed to happen. The migraines faded away, a thing I never thought would occur. By that time the migraine was a part of me, but suddenly I was free of it. I don't know why, but I'm thankful.

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