Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Pain in the.....

When I reached the age of about seven, I think, I made my first acquaintance with the migraine. This then became my (almost) lifelong companion. Those blinding headaches would occur regularly, and I never knew exactly when one would strike.
Different people have different versions of the migraine. Some people have more severe and/or more frequent ones. But most are somewhat similar. A faint throb in the temples which gets worse and more insistent until your whole head is a field of pain. Light hurts your eyes. You lie down somewhere quiet, take aspirin and wait for it to go away. When I was a child, I would get the severe pain of a headache which made me nauseous. After I had thrown up and lain down for a while and slept, the headache had done its worst.
But on into maturity, then the headache became a three day endurance test. Taking aspirins, putting cloths on the head, trying to sleep and waking up worse, on and on the pain would go until when I was exhausted, it would start to fade away. Having headaches like this makes you a different person, one who tries to avoid stressful situations which might trigger a headache. Because once started the headache will run its course. You may as well forget about any profession that is high stress because you will pay for it. A calm lifestyle with good food at regular intervals is what you need. Then, after menopause, one good thing seemed to happen. The migraines faded away, a thing I never thought would occur. By that time the migraine was a part of me, but suddenly I was free of it. I don't know why, but I'm thankful.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Martin Luther, you were a great man

I remember when Martin Luther King was leading peace marches in the South. That was in the days when it was hazardous to do this. There was not only prejudice in the South, but actual rules that excluded anyone of color from certain things. It is hard to imagine now that there were separate facilities for whites and "coloreds" such as toilets and places to sit on the bus. Yet Martin Luther was not bitter, violent, sarcastic, snarky, superior or any of the negative things that divide people. No, what I remember about him is the love that he exuded. He had a dream and that dream was of a world where people accepted others no matter what differences they had. In that world, those who were disadvantaged did not want to "get back at" the people who had wronged them. If we are divided in that way, how can we come together? No, Martin Luther King rose above that kind of thinking and that is why I salute him. I wish there were more like him, and actually, I believe there are many out there. We just don't hear about them. The media today would prefer to feature the sensational and so often the sensational is negative. So today is Martin Luther's day, the day we celebrate a truly great man.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I finally finished "30 Days to Death" and it is available now on Smashwords and Amazon. Doing this is like setting a little paper boat into a gutter after the rain and watching it float away. What will happen to it? Will someone be charmed and watch the little fragile boat on its progress or will a nasty person deliberately step on it? Both can happen. Such is the life of someone who tries to write. You do the best you can at that moment in time. I always seem to struggle with Word 7 when I finally clean up the manuscript and upload it to Smashwords. I think I've finally got it in the format that is required. However, I thought that before and then ended up with all kinds of formatting I didn't want. I hope people who read it will ignore any weird things that happen. Believe me, they weren't intended! As for a Table of Contents, I tried that once and almost had a nervous breakdown with it. I may attempt it again some time but maybe I should make sure there is wine and chocolate in the house first. Now on to an idea I had previously that I want to see if I can develop.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Something old, something new

In keeping with my idea to get something done this year, I have been working on a new mystery, to appear soon on Smashwords. This was started during Nanowrimo. I also keep looking at the closets but I'm aware that I'll have to do more with them than look at them.
I've had a Spanish course on CD which I transferred into the car, and occasionally play. It is a somewhat limited course. So far, I can go to a hotel in some Spanish speaking country  and talk about beer. I can ask someone if it costs six or seven pesos and I can also ask someone else if they want any. This CD was apparently designed for a traveller who wants to have a little drink when they arrive. As long as it is beer. Actually, I studied Spanish in college (very long ago,) but of course, seeing the words in a book and being able to converse in them are two different things. I thought this activity would be something I could do this year. I don't know how much farther this CD will take me, however, but it is interesting.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Last night I made it to midnight. That and watching TV was the sum of my achievements. Today, New Year's Day 2013 is gloomy but we are not going anywhere anyway. Art has a cold that won't go away.We watched the Rose Parade this morning, lying on the bed (the bedroom has the largest TV.) I love to see the horses and riders in the parade. They seem to me authentic representations of the Old West. Also there are other horses and riders that you would be unlikely to see anywhere else. At least on TV. I made yogurt muffins from a recipe.  I still haven't found a really great recipe for these. Mine were OK but not exactly what I wanted. It seems all we have done since Hurricane Sandy is eat. We haven't really got back into our exercise groove. But that has to change and change soon. The doctor wasn't happy at my last visit as my AIC number went up, not down. I had gained five pounds. So hard times are a-comin, sweet tooth.
I also worked a little on my next mystery. I need to work on it a lot. Find the time somehow. It was frustrating to find that after I no longer went out at 8:30 to work and returned around 5:00, and had "the whole day to myself" (a fallacy) well, I actually seemed to have less time to work on anything, or at least no more time than I had before. So I've got to overcome that problem this year.
Other resolutions: Clear out closets and other areas where things are stored that are no longer of any use to anyone.  Paint the second bedroom. Do some long-range planning. Think big. That's enough for now.