Wednesday, December 26, 2012

And there it goes.....

One problem with holidays like Christmas and New Years, aside from the exhausting shopping, cooking, running around, (and that would be enough) is that we think we have an idea of what Christmas ought to be. Unfortunately, this seldom coincides with others' ideas. No wonder Dickens wrote about Christmas past, present and future. Some people yearn for Christmases that have gone forever, others are concerned about what is going to happen now and still others are already planning the next one! Some people are so busy the days pass in a blur of activity, while others sit alone while the merriment passes them by. There is no one way that Christmas is celebrated, although we think we know how it should be! Christmas and other major holidays bring our emotions to the fore. Emotions that at other times we manage to control. Do we think that there will really be peace on earth and goodwill toward men? It's a prayer of hope, but on Christmas we want it to be real.
Sometimes the activity descends to farce, when someone throws a turkey leg across the room, another storms out and slams the door, several people get into a nonsensical drunken argument, and gift givers are disappointed by the reaction. Relatives appear whom we have seldom seen and now we know why.
I think there is no holiday that we look forward to so much and then feel such relief when it's over. So, today, it's over again. In Great Britain, today was known as Boxing Day, whose origin is unclear A common explanation is that boxes of leftover food was given to the servants and/or to the poor. It is a national holiday. When I was small I thought it must be a holiday when men went to boxing matches. Children, they are the ones Christmas is for because they know nothing more than that they will receive presents and therein lies happiness.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas is coming

Christmas is just about  two weeks away, plus a couple of days. What do I hope Santa Claus will bring me? How about four intriguing plots, five fabulous characters, a box of scintillating dialogue and a partridge in a pear tree?  We still have a pear tree here, actually, an old one but I don't think I've ever seen a partridge in it. The poor things, if they ever lived here, have probably been hunted to extinction. I have seen them on Cape Cod, a fairly long time ago.

I have a mystery which I wrote during Nano but haven't got a chance to edit it yet. It's funny, but during Nano we can cast aside all other distractions to keep up our word count. Yet, later, everything seems to take priorty to getting back to it. You would think I have more time than most, but then, my house has just the same dishes to be washed, clothes to go into the washer and dryer, groceries to be lugged home, errands to be run, and on and on, as anyone else.  So I am giving Christmas as the excuse this time. The hunt through the stores for toys takes time.

In this Nano story, I had the interesting experience of having a character decide what was going to happen. She was supposed to be a minor character, but she apparently decided to take a more active part whether I liked it or not. I guess she didn't like the direction that the story was taking!

I wish everyone a blessed Christmas season.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Post Nano

Well, Nano is over and people are either breathing a huge sigh of relief or are so energized they're still writing. I'm not a prolific writer, so I fall into the first category. At least, both Kelly and I made it as "Winners,"  Kelly with words to spare and me with only a few. Check out her blog, for more details. There's a link on this page. Actually, Kelly lives more in the fast lane, in my opinion.

We have our 50,000 plus or minus words. Now we have to get to work on them and see what the heck we wrote. Or at least, that's the way I look at it. My writing will need revision, but I hope to get to work on that soon and have something finished and hopefully, I will put it on Smashwords and Amazon. I chose to write using the title as inspiration, 30 Days to Death. The characters are Zach Harris, a young man who works for a University doing research and the Belleau family, who seem to have a killer stalking them. Laura Adams, a beautiful blonde, whose mother was a Belleau, begs Zach to help her after her Uncle Arnold is killed after receiving a strange note.

So that's how we begin. More to follow. Muse, don't fail me now!