Saturday, November 10, 2012

On to Nano

Well, at our house we have power (thanks, JCP&L,) TV/Internet (thanks Comcast) and we are back in business. Our hearts of course go out to those who were pummeled
by Hurricane Sandy and lost just about everything. There are many with houses at the shore areas for whom the houses are simply summer getaways. They have other places to live and eventually they will be compensated, I assume. But for those who have lost their primary homes or what is maybe worse, their means of living, this storm is their worst nightmare come true. I hope that things will improve for them. I don't recall a worse storm and I've been around for a while.  I was vacationing on Cape Cod,  Massachusetts when Hurricane Carol hit but the only thing we lost was a full refrigerator of food and our vacation. It was an experience. Cape Cod rebounded, minus a few boats.

At our age, we can't do much to help anybody but ourselves so we will contribute what we can to the relief efforts and try to get back to some kind of normal life. Right now I am participating in National Novel Writing Month and trying to get on with it. I have begun but now I'm approaching the middle which I dread. It is a kind of quicksand. Many get in and few get out again. I hope I can find a branch to hold on to and eventually drag myself out. It's funny in a way. When you have the writing bug, you long to write something, but when you actually do it, then you will do anything at all to avoid actually sitting down in front of a piece of (virtual) paper. Nevertheless, it must be done. So on, on, Dancer and Prancer, let's get to the finish line!

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