Sunday, October 28, 2012

Here We Go Again

Just before an important Presidential election and just before the beginning of National Novel Writing Month (November), here comes Sandy. We don't know just how big a storm he (or she) is going to be. They are calling it a monster, which is oddly appropriate as it is almost Halloween. Gallows humor, I guess they call it.

We've already been to the store and witnessed people stockpiling everything from cases of bottled water to cans of gasoline, presumably for their generators. We unfortunately don't have one, but many people here in the country do. If our power lines go down (with what they predict, this is almost guaranteed,) we won't have well water or light. Fortunately we don't need heat right now. We made what preparations we could and are hoping for the best.
Here in New Jersey we've had some unpleasant storms and I'm not looking forward to another one. It is a helpless feeling to just sit waiting. Even though we are sixty or so miles inland, a deluge of rain and wind could wreak havoc here. I like my trees and don't want to see them destroyed. Also, a bad storm could knock out power for quite a while. No power, no computer which is a horrible thought. I suppose I could hook up my laptop to the car but then my wireless connection will be out. If our main library is open though, later on,  they will have wifi (hopefully.) I know it is useless to just sit here and mope and wail and bemoan the coming maelstrom, but I just hope it will be over as quickly as possible and let us get back to normal without anyone being harmed. Sandy, if you have any Scottish blood in you, pass over our wee house and spare us!

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