Sunday, September 2, 2012

Off They Go

It's September, and the grandkids are getting ready to go back to school. As usual, Summer has gone much too fast. One thing that is different this year at one high school (we don't have any kids in high school yet) is that they are going to be using IPads instead of textbooks. Homework can be done online. How I wish I had had this in college in the early 1960's!
The high school teachers had to take a course (for which they were well paid) in how to use the IPads. Can you imagine that the kids know how? Kids today could probably send a rocket to the moon and bring it back again.
I'm happy to see more readers of ebooks even if they will be textbooks. I'm getting into the eboook world myself and it is a great adventure. I remember when the Internet was in its infancy -  as far as the ordinary person using it, anyway. Those were fun days. I even think nostalgically of using a modem to connect by phone. That ringing and waiting for the "connected" reward made you think you were doing something a little exciting and different. Then of course you had to write a lot of text when you got there and even try to handle basic DOS commands. Nowadays to tell the truth, I am bored by the ever-present advertising and pop-ups, the videos I am forced to watch when I could scan a text message in a few seconds. Even if they are trying to make it all "easier", to me it is not. I want my ugly old screens back! Well, not really that. Just to get rid of the advertising would do for a start.
But we can't travel back to the past. We're stuck with what we have now. And ereaders seem to be a bright new horizon. I hope they will continue this way and get even better.There's good and bad in everything., of course. I expect that there will always be actual books, at least, I hope so. But there is room for the ereader. In our electronic world, it's actually a little late in appearing, I think. But here it is in popular form and it will be interesting to follow its progress.

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