Sunday, August 12, 2012

Your Political Opinion? Puhlease!

It's a crime, yes it is. What? To post your political opinions on social media sites. If everyone on the site is of the same opinion as yourself, why bother, unless you want to get into a discussion.  If their opinions differ, you are going to irritate them. You are certainly not going to change their opinions by coyly introducing a little quote of your own. If they have any sense they will not lash back at you with their own quotes. If they do, you have started a "flame war" as they used to say. So, please keep your opinions to yourself, or at least, use them in a more appropriate place, such as a site where such opinions are solicited. Social sites are like dinner parties in a way, where it is said that religion and politics are NOT dinner table conversation.
So, no matter how strong your burning convictions are, please keep them to yourself if they are politically charged. If you don't know if you are touting a political agenda, please stop and think. As we run up to a presidential election, opinions are going to be more heated, no doubt. Each person is entitled to vote their own conscience and that's the way it should be.

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