Thursday, August 30, 2012

What makes a President?

As the Republican Convention and soon the Democratic Convention play out on the TV set, I find it interesting as a former Political Science major. I majored in this in the 1960's when Kennedy was running and it was an exciting time. I can only imagine what it has been like since to sit in a Poly Sci class!
I was delighted to hear Condoleeza Rice speak. She reminds me so much of my political science professors back at Hunter College. Not that she actually resembles them, but it reminds me of the great discussions and points of view that we had. We sat in class during the Cold War with the Russian Embassy right across the street. I can remember us all rushing to the window to look over when some incident took place. Condoleeza (love her name) is a wonderful speaker and a true intellectual.
 There was some talk also of who was the greatest President. I suppose that will be debated until Judgement Day. But then I realized that all the great ones had characteristics in common. Those I believe to be: courage, integrity, and leadership. With those you could not go far wrong, In fact, I believe you could not fail.

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