Saturday, July 21, 2012

Here, little kitty.....

Anyone who has ever lived with a cat knows this. They come in as helpless little adorable pieces of fluff and then metamorphose into feline bullies. They want their own way and they know how to get it. Living with a cat isn't all cookies and cream. The cat will have the cream, that's for sure. I am wondering now if cats and writers have an affinity because if ever there was an opportunity to study stalking and killing, having a cat around is quite handy. Especially if there is a cat door in the house.

Our male cat loves hunting in the backyard and brings us live mice sometimes, no doubt in the hope we will learn to catch them ourselves and possibly then serve them to him so he doesn't have to work so hard. Don't think that cats think? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. He also likes to stalk our other cat who is a mild mannered female and doesn't like nasty boys jumping on her when she's not looking.

So studying the feline species can lead to thoughts of mayhem and murder. Our bathtub has become a killing ground. I suppose I could be grateful that the cat does his slaughtering in such a hygenic place where it can be sluiced down afterwards. However, if time is pressing, he will just do the deed on the dining room floor and crunch the bones. This he doesn't clean up. I am left to look at the leavings on the floor, and get up in the morning to see a bathtub full of blood.

It is fortunate that the cat is such a beautiful creature and so cunning when making up to its living partner - how can I say owner? The stare from gorgeous emerald or golden eyes, the soft paw on the arm, the purring and rubbing against the body. All says, I am giving you my full attention, aren't you impressed with me? Now, what can  you give me in return? Some nice kitty treats? Don't tell me I have to kill again.

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