Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother, May I

Now it is May, maybe the lovliest month of the year in New Jersey. This year we are at least a week ahead of everything with the warm winter. I saw a sign for "Pick Your Own Strawberries". I associate this more with June. The grass is green and thick and the air is mild and warm but not humid. Later we will get a Jersey summer, which is hot, humid and airless for the most part, especially here in the Delaware valley. But now it is perfect weather so we enjoy it.

Today the girls and I went to Teaberrys tearoom for a slightly belated celebration of Mother's Day. Teaberrys is a restaurant done well and tries to present the idea of an English tea. They have very nice sandwiches, meals and desserts and a very wide selection of teas. The location is a beautiful Victorian which has been well preserved inside with tall ceilings, huge windows and everywhere there are cabinets of china, teapots and cups. Today we had tea in what must have been either a parlor or dining room - it had two or maybe three crystal chandeliers. I really like their consideration of details like tea cozies, dishes of sugar cubes with tongs, and the helpful young (and older) waitresses with white aprons. Young girls can get a booster seat for their dolls if they wish who are welcome to have tea also. Stephanie did have her baby doll who mostly stared into space and Allison brought her lamb which seemed to look very interestedly at the lunches.

Walking back to Kelly's house I got to admire the houses across the street which I had never got a good look at before in spite of having lived a block away for eight  years. Riding by in a car gives you only a brief glance.

The "men" batched it at the house with pizza and then put in an air-conditioner. Kelly got a slightly frantic text about a diaper but it was apparently not as horrific as it seemed and the day ended with all the kids on the porch and grandparents taking themselves home.

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