Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ireland Forever

Well, back in New Jersey from Florida, I find the same weather - 70's. Which has never happened as far back as I can remember and that is quite a while. It's the middle of March and usually it feels like Winter with a possible hint of Spring. Not this year. I guess the St. Patricks Day parades will be held with people in shirt sleeves, instead of marching with snowflakes swirling around. So much for the weather. We have it whether we like it or not.
St. Patrick's Day makes me nostalgic for Ireland, of course. I don't remember it being celebrated much in the North but of course St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland in story and legend anyway. It's a big thing in the US for those who count their ancestors as Irish. Although if you observed the celebrations you would think that beer was one of the most important facets of being Irish!  It was always fun in New York City when St Patrick's day is regarded as one big party. Everybody can be Irish that day. Erin go bragh.

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