Tuesday, March 6, 2012

From North Florida

Here in North Florida, the weather is definitely like May in the North but it is early March here. Azaleas are in bloom, and the coffee shop by the beach is playing its "beachy" music while the screen door that doesn't close swings back and forth in the sea breeze. Surfs up on the pinkish coquina sand beach and pelicans and gulls are there in colonies, taking a rest from the 20-30 mph wind by standing at the waters edge facing into the breeze. Not enough people on a Tuesday to mooch for any goodies.The tall palm leaves make a clacking sound as they hit together. Life is good at the beach. Next week a batallion of motorcycles will be roaring up Rte AIA bound for Daytona Beach. By that time we will be gone again.

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