Saturday, March 3, 2012

From South Florida

The temperature is 88 degrees. I think this is warm for March in North Florida.At Flagler Beach, I see people in the ocean splashing around. I did dip a toe in and it reminded me of Cape Cod in June. My mother would have loved it. I'm not sure I could get into it but I can still walk the beach and enjoy the breezes. Florida does have beautiful beaches, especially here where the beach is on one side and any houses are on the other. I really hate it when houses and high rises are built right on the beach, blocking the sight of the ocean and the access to it. It should not be allowed but I guess the individual towns are who dictate what is allowed to be built. Little Flagler Beach allowed one tall building and said never again! I hope it is always that way.
So we are just chilling out in my sister-in-law's condo, graciously lent to us. Maybe we will visit St. Augustine again and walk around the little shops in the "old quarter." Yesterday we drove up from Palm Beach, about a 3 hour trip. Palm Beach is much more tropical and of course, very nice. It's surprising to me to see how "built up" it looks in some areas. Almost like being in New York. My friend lives in North Palm Beach in a 55 plus coop right on the Intracoastal.
Her friend told me the "Senior Olympics" they held recently were quite hilarious, including the "walker races." We have to get what fun we can, don't we? We are from a generation that has a sense of humor.
Florida is a big state compared to New Jersey and it is necessary to get used to travelling farther to get places if you want to see anything. If I wanted to go back to Miami I would need to drive a lot and stay overnight. Same with the Florida Keys - I've never been there but maybe one day......
Well, back to chilling out. It's good to do nothing, isn't it?

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