Monday, February 6, 2012

How About Those Giants?

Yes, I'm talking about football. I have to say that I seldom if ever watch football - mostly because I know very little about it and seem to have trouble picking it up. My father watched European football (don't know anything about that either!). Any other males in my family seem to have slim to no interest in explaining anything. The females? Excuse me while I laugh. So, crying and moaning over with, I did watch the Superbowl game this past Sunday, and what a game it was. You didn't need to be a football expert to appreciate the battle between two top of their game quarterbacks. It's a privilege, really, to be able to see a game like this, where play by play, strategy by strategy, each team gave everything they had and in the end, as is usual in such contests, just a small margin decides the winner. The leaders (quarterbacks) were cool and calm and determined. I always feel bad for the loser in this case and feel they should have shared the glory. But then we wouldn't have the glory, would we? We usually in our family, root for the Eagles since we live not far from Philadelphia. Of course, we are really New  Yorkers (in spite of living in New Jersey!) So Giants, you rock!

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