Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nanowrimo Days

I just finished NaNoWriMo once again. This term is short for National Novel Writing Month and it happens every year in November. The task is very simple. Write 50,000 words (a novel) in 30 days. Then you submit your wonderful prose to Nanowrimo, who will validate the count and issue you a nice little sticker that says winner. I'm making it a little simpler than it is because the Nano site gives  you all kinds of advice and encouragement as you toil away and some goodies after it is all over.
Nanowrimo will not critique your work at all. It is simply there to encourage you to put the pedal to the metal and write, write, write. It is a unique experience, especially if you are like me and are either a slow writer or have trouble writing prolifically. Believe me, it is like blood, sweat and tears for me to produce that 50,000 words! Every day, I sit down and stare at my computer, willing it to produce about 2,000 words. Guess what? It doesn't. I actually have to write it myself. Each day I am convinced that nothing will happen. It will all stop right there. But knowing that there are thousands of people registered at Nanowrimo who are out there writing and GETTING TO THE FINISH LINE is the one spark that keeps me going.
Why is it hard to do this? I think for some people it isn't hard at all. Those are the people whose word count shows them at 80,000 words while I am toiling away at 35,000. For a lot of us, I think it is a real challenge. But when you gasp your way to the finish line somewhere around the 30th day, what a feeling of accomplishment! You can say to yourself, I can do it! I DID IT! I wrote a novel!
Now, it may not be a very good novel and it will probably need a lot of editing, but that doesn't matter.
You did something. Yes you, you did it.

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