Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Write

OK, it's almost time for the Man in Red to make his final and most important appearance. Not that he's not already in the area. We saw him having breakfast with kids at the Mall, and all the kids were strangely well-behaved.

I've got my little shopping list done, mostly and now I'm wrestling with putting ebooks online. There's a lot to learn about this subject and I suppose you could say it is in its infancy. It's VERY exciting for authors who are already published and have lots of books to epublish. It's also exciting for writers like myself who are new to publishing but we have to try to write and publish at the same  time, because we don't have a large "backlist",which is a heck of a big job.
I'm not complaining, I love it. All I want for Christmas is four more hands, Santa and a couple more laptops. Can you do that? An extra brain might be a good thing, too. And maybe you better not forget a hamper of wine and chocolate. If you can manage a muse somehow, I wouldn't say no.

At least we have all those great people out there in writerland who post on their blogs and websites and share so much information. Thanks to them and I hope Santa brings them all their Holiday wishes.

As my gift to you, I've made my latest mystery, "Dangerous Inheritance" free on, for a limited time. I'd love it if you'd read it and make a comment.

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