Thursday, November 3, 2011

Snow Depth Charge

The day before Halloween, Mother Nature decided to drop a depth charge on us. This was in the form of a large quantity of heavy wet snow. Like its watery counterpart, this load of snow had severe consequences -  for the trees around us, which were still almost completely leafed out. Some hadn't even had a chance to fully turn red and yellow yet. My favorite tree in the back yard, the linden tree, gave a mighty crack and one of the topmost branches, loaded down with snow, gave way, split and fell to the ground. This scene was repeated all over the county. I don't recall ever seeing snow this early around here.
Usually, either late November or maybe December, we almost look forward to the first snowfall. Snow can have a magical quality. I love the snowflake dance in the Nutcracker where snow begins to fall on the stage. Also, the beginning of the Chronicles of Narnia start with the children entering a wardrobe hung with old coats smelling of mothballs and then opening a door in the back and stepping out into a snow carpeted forest.
Once only, I went skiing and did not enjoy being cold and wet after falling into the snow multiple times. Winter sports are another story entirely, indeed!

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