Thursday, November 10, 2011

Agatha Christie's Legacy

Both my mother and I enjoyed reading Agatha Christie mysteries. My mother was a contemporary of Dame Agatha's, who was 17 years older. But I also could feel comfortable with Agatha Christie's world. My grandmother was a Victorian and so many of the references in Dame Christie's works rang true to me. Some people accuse her of using stereotypes. But she had only to mention a certain kind of person and I could see them. They came alive to me. I read her novels partly to enter back into that lost world and live in it again. Of course, I was born in the United Kingdom and that plays a part, too. There are a lot of little things in her novels I enjoy and that are essentially the British view of life. Or at least, the view that people had in that day and time.

I find that I can read her stories over and over again. I let a certain amount of  time elaspse so I can forget some of it and then it is fun to plunge in again and read it. It is the one time when my faulty memory is an asset!

I love Agatha Christie's characters. Again, some have said that they are wooden. Not to me. Her people lived in a time when people were expected to live up to a certain image and standard, and I understand that. Underneath, they were still human beings. This comes through to me.

There must be a reason why so many people love Dame Agatha's mysteries. I would say, they are fun to read. Maybe that's the best reason of all.

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