Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sailing off into the blue

A cruise ship holds many different individuals, all with their own plans and expectations. Although the cruise director provides entertainment and ways for people to pass their time, there is no predicting what will happen. I had this in mind when I decided to follow Edie Malone aboard a cruise ship and see what happens to her and the wedding party she is attempting to record on video. Edie sees this as an easy way to do a job - plenty of down time to relax on the first vacation she has had for years. Well, things don't go exactly as she thought and the bride ends up giving her an extra assignment over and above her video chores. Oh, and Edie meets a retired policeman who stirs up some mixed feelings in her. Her cousin Violet is along to be her cheerleader, but Violet is reluctantly drawn into the activity when she'd rather spend the voyage on a lounge chair. Things come to a climax on a foggy day on a Bermuda sandbar.

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