Monday, October 10, 2011

On Her Own

When I decided to write a mystery, I called on some of my own experiences in having a home business,which was pretty much just me and a video camera. For several years, it was quite an experience. I met a lot of interesting people. I found that mostly men get into this field, but there are couples and women, too. I thought I would make that the focus of the story I would tell. I hope you enjoy it.

Women can do so much more today than when I was really young. Today it is pretty much taken for granted that a woman can do any job she wants, start any business. Well, it wasn't that way only a few years back. Both men and women were expected to play certain roles. Men took care of women and women didn't get into professions that competed with men. Of course there were exceptions, but those restrictions don't apply any more in the United States of America.

I suppose it's both good and bad, in a way. There are certain people who will always need taking care of, I guess. But then, there are those like Edie Malone, who wanted to strike out on her own and did without anyone giving it a second thought. Except for her ex-husband and her Aunt Rose, of course. But Frank and Aunt Rose will never give Edie credit so she doesn't let it bother her. Most of the time.

It's not easy running her own business and she doesn't always make a lot of money at it, but she gets by. She doesn't expect too many luxuries but she's free to do her own thing the way she wants to do it. That is worth a lot to Edie, who is old enough to appreciate being free to be, but still young enough to enjoy life, at least when she gets the time. Her business which is recording video, takes her to some different kinds of places, like a nursing home, in Point and Shoot, and then of all places, on a cruise in Deep Blue Murder (coming soon). She never knows what the next day will bring and that's the way she likes it.

You can find further details about her adventures at Just put the titles in the search box and they will appear.

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  1. Congtulations, I can't wait to read it. Going to Smashwords now . . . :)