Monday, October 24, 2011

Champagne from the skies

A huge dark shape descending from the skies, hissing and shooting flames. If you are visualizing a , scene from Harry Potter, you would be wrong. A balloon landed last night in our back yard, with a bottle of champagne for us.  It's life in the country. If a passing balloon has to make a landing on your property, the proper etiquette is to gift the owner of the land with a bottle of champagne.  After 20 years of watching balloons pass overhead, we finally got our reward. I understand it was a kind of emergency landing, as it was almost dark and one of the crew told us that they had to be down by dark, sort of the reverse of a vampire. I understand that the promimity of the road, where the "chase cars" could get in to truck the balloon out, was the deciding factor in their decision to set down chez Watson. It took them a while to get around our yard avoiding various trees, to finally arrive at the side. They had to fire up the balloon to lift it slightly off the ground, push it and then set down again. Then a lot of backing to get the truck into position. The passengers climbed out early in the process and went off to dinner to celebrate a birthday.My husband got a couple of very nice pictures of the balloon as the heater shot flames up inside it to create the warm air that lifted it.  I suppose balloon pilots never know for sure where they are going to end up because they are at the mercy of the winds and weather.Whatever the reason, it made for an exciting night for us.And I'll store away this incident for possible use in a story. Who knows?

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