Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring arrives

I don't know of any other year when Spring was so eagerly awaited. Our "Polar Vortex" has been with us most of the winter. As far as I know, this term was invented by the weather forecasters to describe the extremely cold weather we have been having here on the East Coast.
So, finally, I was able to shed my outer coat today. Unfortunately, I spent most of the day indoors and tomorrow it's supposed to rain again. But we have to look on the bright side. Spring is here and as far as I know it will stay that way. It is now April 3rd. One year long ago, we did have a whale of a snowstorm on April 7th. The schools were closed. However, so far, so good.
I haven't written anything lately but am contemplating some old work and wondering if I can finish it. I do have a story in an anthology that is going to press and when it is ready, I'll provide a link here. I think, if you buy this book, you will have an enjoyable read. The stories were all part of an advanced class where all the students worked together but separately to create them. Each one is entirely different but based upon the idea of a journey. The journey is not an actual trip but rather is the idea of becoming something more. I'm looking forward to actually reading their finished form myself.
Well, it's been a long day today and I wanted to just set something down.

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started." Mark Twain

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

An Oldie but Goodie

We are currently renting the DVDs of "Smallville" and enjoying them. I didn't know much about the plot other than that it had something to do with Superman, which really seemed a little odd to me. But when we started watching it I was impressed with the writers' ability to take something which had been done over and over and make it seem fresh and new. And really, that is what good writing is all about. Maybe that is part of the reason that the series had a long run.
In this story, it is all about Superman as a boy before he becomes the well-known Man of Steel. I think it is a lot of fun because the viewers are in on the secret but few others in the story are. When he uses his growing super powers, he tries to keep it a secret but as the story goes on, this is naturally becoming more difficult. Some of the well-known characters are changed in various ways but this doesn't seem to matter somehow. It's a classic that you can enjoy just because it is timeless. The Superhero must be a character that goes back to our beginnings. And somehow, there seems to be a little of the appeal of "Back to the Future" in this show. It combines sci fi somehow with a downhome background. Just fun to watch.
I wish there were more movies and shows that were just fun and creative rather than anything else. But then I also wish to win the lottery. I can dream, can't I?

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Is it Over Already?

Vacations go so fast, don't they? We were looking forward to a cruise and now suddenly, it seems, it's over. Just as we were getting used to being waited on hand and foot. Someone ELSE cleans the cabin, makes the food, does the laundry and looks eager to do anything you want them to. Yes, I call that a vacation. We did have a wonderful time going to the Caribbean on Norwegian Gem. Now that we are older people, we don't get out to much entertainment so this is also something that is constant on a cruise ship. I like music and I like to dance so when the opportunity availed itself, I would join in. Art not so much, but he did make the effort. Also, for the first time, I travelled around St Maarten on a sailing catamaran. This kind of boat seems to have a very smooth ride and it's ideal if you want to swim off it. (We did.) There seemed to be lots of catamarans around the Islands.
One thing that reminded me of a book I wrote (Deep Blue Murder) was that just as we were leaving the harbor at Phillipsburg, St. Maarten, an announcement was made of a possible man overboard. Then about an hour later, after all ships in the area had been alerted, including the Coast Guard, the port was shut down, and the ship stopped, it was determined to be a false alarm. I had someone disappear in my book but I made it happen under cover of darkness so it would have been hard to say when it took place. It surprises me how many people actually do manage to fall off ships. It can't be an easy thing to do as the railings are quite high.  However, who is to say what happens if people are drinking or have sinister plans for someone. I'm not trying to scare you, now! Or am I, hee hee. No, real life cruises are by and large really great fun.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sailing, I'm sailing

Soon, I should be heading South towards the Caribbean, on quite a large ship. I'd really like it to be smaller, but the options were limited. I feel by turns apprehensive and excited. I  usually feel like this when leaving home. I'm looking forward to something new, and yet leaving our home and pets isn't easy. Maybe it's just that doing something new and moving out of my comfort zone isn't a thing I do easily. I like new things but the unknown then plays a part. Probably this goes with having an imagination. One of the books I wrote was inspired by a cruise some years ago. Things do happen on cruise ships and things happen TO cruise ships. It's not that I am unused to ships. I travelled across the Atlantic back and forth from Ireland to the US three times. Not in recent years, though. If I get back to Ireland now, I'll probably have to fly, which is a whole other thing. Anyway, it will be good to go somewhere else. If you write, you really need to get out and about and the older you are the fewer options you might have. Of course, that being said, some older people never stop travelling! If you have the money, why not? It's good to go somewhere else even if you just go to another town. It seems to jog you out of your routine and it seems to me, that's what  you need if you want to write. Another perspective, maybe. Come to think of it, it might be good for anybody to get out of their rut.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Winter of 2014 and a new title

Well, it's been a while since I last posted here. I wanted to wait until I had finished the latest book which is.....ta da.....a fantasy novel! I'm going out into a new area here and I hope it will be well received. The idea first came to me when I took a writing course and somewhere along the way, this idea of a place where winged horses lived just wouldn't go away. So, I worked on it and the result is "Heart of Skydean." It's actually a story of how two people come together for reasons of security and self-preservation and find more than that. I've just now sent the book out as an ebook to Smashwords and Amazon, so we'll see how it fares. It was fun to write, anyway!

We've had some weird weather here in the Northeast, from below zero to almost 60 degrees, and that was all within the space of two weeks! They say the cold came from the Artic and hopefully, it has gone back there. I'm hoping no mean and nasty storms develop this winter. I'm glad that I am able to keep on working at my writing no matter if I can get out of the house or not. That is, as long as the electricity stays on. We live in a rural area where we have a water pump that depends on the electric current to give us water, not to mention keeping our furnace going. Without these two things, if it gets cold enough, we have to leave and go elsewhere. So, here's to at least normal weather if not good weather!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Gobble gobble

Heigh ho, heigh ho, and off to Turkey Trot we go.....
The folks at National Novel Writing Month decided that the month of November would be an excellent time to write a novel in 30 days.  November is when we start to gear up for the holidays. We shop for, prepare and serve Thanksgiving Dinner. We're probably looking for Christmas gifts. In case that really isn't enough, why not run a race? And of course, yours truly involved herself in all of it. To be very clear, I did not actually run a race. I walked a race. Over four thousand people registered for our local Turkey Trot and we ran/walked around the streets of Flemington. It was very cold, but a lot of fun. Then three children and four grandchildren came over. Well, isn't it wonderful? That's what life is all about. Doing the things you love and being with the people you love the most.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Can It Really Be 50 years ago?

I was in my middle twenties and working at a large bank in the Wall Street area. My department was on the 30th floor and at the end of the hall, a window looked out to the Hudson River, where I could see passenger ships arriving and departing from the West Side Piers. I was at my desk as usual, that Friday. I sat in the middle of a kind of foyer, with various offices around it where bank officers worked. It was a day when I was probably thinking of going out with friends that night, the beginning of the weekend. None of us expected someone to walk into the office and annouce, "The President  has been shot!" Someone found a radio and we could hear it playing somewhere. We stayed at our desks, wondering what was going on. The President was hugely popular. Who on earth would want to attack him? Of course, he had political foes, but this was something unheard of. Jack and Jackie were people who seemed like a Prince and Princess, with their two beautiful children. She was an elegant woman who wore designer clothing that every woman wanted to copy. He was a dashing figure from a wealthy Boston family. All this came crashing down that day. It was a only a short time before the person with the radio informed us that the President had died. He had been assasinated on a trip to Dallas, Texas. Everyone seemed to be dazed, sitting at their desks, or wandering around. I walked down the hall and looked out. A ship I knew and had travelled on, the Mauretania, was on her way out. For a moment, I wished I was on her, going back to Ireland. I wondered what kind of country this really was. But that was only the beginning. It was only a few years until Martin Luther King was killed and then the President's brother, Robert Kennedy. The country seemed to become dark and violent with rioting in the colleges and in the ghettos. So that day seemed to be the one when life changed forever. Maybe our calm and ordered world of 1963 was only an illusion, after all.